Migration Mars | Race to Build the First Human City on Mars

Created by Enhance Product Development

A Tabletop Game of Strategy, Decision Making and Revenge

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Revised Rulebook Translations for French, Spanish and Italian!
4 days ago – Tue, Jun 02, 2020 at 12:26:42 AM

Hello Backers, just a quick update...

Our translators have been hard at work updating corrections to the rulebooks. A big THANK YOU to all of our dedicated backers who shared their input on the first draft!

We have now posted revised rulebooks for French, Spanish, and Italian.

FRANÇAIS - https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-fr

ESPAÑOL - https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-es

ITALIANO - https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-it

Our German translation required a more extensive revision and will be posted next week for review.

Please feel free to read through these updated versions. Again, if you wish to have any further feedback  forwarded to our translators, please send comments to contact@migrationmars.com with the subject line “TRANSLATIONS [and the LANGUAGE]”.

Again, we want to thank all of our international backers who have been so helpful with feedback, and please know we are dedicated to offering very thoughtful and precise translations that enrich gameplay in other languages, not detract from it.

Kind regards,

Trevor and Ryan

Migration Mars Rulebook Translations -- German, French, Spanish and Italian!
23 days ago – Thu, May 14, 2020 at 03:47:16 PM

Hello Backers,

Our translators have been hard at work, and we now have our first draft of the rulebooks in German, French, Spanish and Italian! We understand each language may have its regional dialects and vernacular, so we will open up for community input and do our best to review each translation before final printing.

If you are a proficient multi linguist and would like an opportunity to contribute to the proof reading for any major grammar concerns or inaccuracies, you can view each translated draft below:

German/Deutsche: https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-de

French/Français: https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-fr

Spanish/Español: https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-es

Italian/Italiano: https://migrationmars.com/rulebook-it

Please refrain from posting feedback to the comments thread as it can be quite overwhelming for us to organize and communicate any potential edits.

Instead, please e-mail any serious feedback to: contact@migrationmars.com with the subject “TRANSLATIONS (and the language you are commenting upon)”.

This will greatly help communicate translation improvements and create the best versions of each rulebook in a timely manor. We are fortunate to have such a supportive backer community and we are very excited as we close in on the final versions for production!

Just A Quick Manufacturing Update...

Tooling remains in progress and we have issued the purchase order for the first wave of manufactured goods of Migration Mars board games, stickers, buttons and T-shirts.  We've finalized the graphics of the English version for printing of the sample before mass production and we will provide images as soon as we get a full set from the factory.  Once the translations are completed with feedback from our backers we will release that artwork to the factory by May 19th. It is our firm commitment to hit the August ship date to backers and thus far we are keeping on track!

Pledge Manager Reminder

Over 90% of backers have completed their surveys (way to go!), but if you haven't yet, please login to the Backerkit pledge manager to complete so that delivery of your rewards are not delayed.  You can login at:


Thank you...Gracias...Merci..Grazie...Danke!

Kind regards,

Trevor and Ryan

Pledge Manager, Translations and Manufacturing Update
about 2 months ago – Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 02:07:09 AM

Hello Backers,

I hope you and all of your loved ones are safe and healthy during these difficult times.  Although we've been a bit quiet for nearly a month, I wanted to share a quick update and reassure you all that we continue to make progress on final game development and manufacturing.

Pledge Manager

Thus far 86% of our backers have completed their survey -- way to go!!! :) If you have not yet done this, please go to the following website, input your email and then follow the link to complete the survey.  It is a quick process where you designate the language version, provide your address and choose any add-ons -- and by taking care of this promptly you will ensure that your game is delivered as soon as possible.


Translation to German, French, Spanish and Italian

We have made great strides in the various translations and I want to thank all of our backers who have offered to proofread and comment.  Our plan is to issue the first draft of each of the rule books (German, French, Spanish and Italian) in the next update and collect feedback from our backers before we finalize.  After collecting all the comments we will do our best to resolve all of the major issues, but please understand that some of the minor verbiage choices will be up for debate and we will do our best to keep to the meaning and spirit of the game.


Our factory has provided us with the initial prototypes of the pieces and we've made modest modifications to ensure the flags are secure and to dial-in the tolerance of the clear domes on several of the pieces.  Our goal is to make the domes able to "pop" off since many of our backers have mentioned they want to hand paint their game pieces.  Here is a picture of the prototypes and please note that the 3D printed part is white, whereas final molded parts will be in the various colors and domes will be clear.

Lastly, we've made several versions of the paper tray insert/card treasury and are finalizing the die cut with the factory.  We are awaiting feedback on this from the factory and once we have their direction we will share in future updates.

As always, I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this campaign.  We have such an amazing group of backers and please know we are dedicated to delivering you with a great game in a timely manner.  To that point, although COVID-19 has posed some challenges, we are still keeping our ambitious timeline with delivery in August.  If anything impacts that estimated timeline we will certainly let you know in future updates.

Kind regards,


Pledge Manager Launched! Gameplay Improvements and Tooling Started...
3 months ago – Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 09:36:36 PM

Hello Backers,

First and foremost, I want to extend our warm thoughts and prayers to all of you and your loved ones during these unprecedented and challenging times. Our hearts go out to all of you who may have been adversely impacted by COVID-19, especially those who have lost loved ones, are quarantined, or whose livelihoods have been threatened due to the slowdown in the economy.

At Enhance, in an effort to responsibly establish social distancing to reduce the spread and protect our team members, we have transitioned 90% of our staff to working remotely.  The remaining team members will likely transition to remote as well based on the directives of local and national officials.  Nevertheless, as a company we are fully operational with a strong balance sheet, and we continue to work on all of our projects -- especially Migration Mars. :)

Pledge Manager Launched

We have launched our pledge manager on Backerkit, so be on the lookout for an email inviting you to complete your survey.  The survey will allow you to manage your shipping address, choose the language of your game (English, German, Spanish, French or Italian), select add-ons, etc.  If you haven't received the email, please check your spam/junkmail folder, otherwise to request another invitation, please go to:


Gameplay Improvements

We have been diligently testing and evolving the gameplay based on our campaign stretch goals and backer feedback over the last two months. We are proud to say this most recent update of the rules and  game mechanics have significantly enhanced the play experience while still embodying the original vision and spirit of Migration Mars.

Some of the improvements include:

  • More interactive and decision based events.
  • Increased potential for asset acquisition that speeds up colony development and increases strategic options.
  • New 3-phase turns (colony, build, and rover actions) increases overall engagement with more variety per turn.
  • Population injury and deaths more thoughtfully mitigated/prevented.
  • Ancient Ruin explorations now more dynamic.
  • New Meteorite strike mechanic that involves layers of randomized anticipation vs “take that” which formerly, at times, forced  players into unwanted decisions.
  • Tighter total play time averages.
  • And several more nuances and graphic changes that improve the overall play experience.

The updated rule book has been posted online and we will be re-shooting a new play-through video when social distancing measures end.  Here is the link to the rule book (it will automatically load a PDF file):


It should be noted that extensive efforts were made to develop a solo and 5-player expansion as suggested by some of our backers.  However, since we only want to offer paid expansions that we truly believe will add value to our backers and be enjoyable to play (coupled with our aggressive timeline to fulfillment), we are not offering those expansions at this time.  That said, we truly appreciate all of the feedback and we will keep you updated on developments as we continue to test various concepts for future expansions.

Manufacturing Update

After reviewing quotes and assessing paper and board samples, we've selected our manufacturing partner.  The purchase order for tooling has been made and we are expecting completion for first off tool samples in 45-60 days.  

We are aggressively moving forward with manufacturing to hit our goal delivery in August, and since relative normalcy has returned to China in terms of production capabilities, we believe we can still hit that date.

I know I say this all the time, but thanks once again for all of your support... you backing this project has made this all possible and we are so excited to deliver an amazing game!

Kind regards,


4 months ago – Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 12:12:21 AM

Hello Migrators,

From our entire team, I want to thank all of you for an amazing campaign! Not only do we sincerely appreciate your financial support that makes Migration Mars a reality, but we also want to thank you for all of the positive feedback, honest criticism, spirited debate and overall civility as we seek to develop Migration Mars into a board game you all will love.  We now have a community within board games that we truly cherish, and you have our firm commitment to complete development and deliver.


At the close of a campaign, Kickstarter now begins the process of collecting pledges.  It typically takes two weeks for everything to be formalized so that we know our final list of backers.  It's possible that you will receive an email from Kickstarter if they had issues with charging your credit card...if that happens, please update your card as soon as possible.


We are utilizing BackerKit as our pledge manager and will send out surveys at the conclusion of Kickstarter's efforts.  Consequently, expect to receive an email from us the week of March 9th with a link to your survey.


Our team continues to develop various features and expansions based on backer feedback.  We're nearing completion of the Faction ID Player Mat Expansion to introduce asymmetric gameplay, and will be offering it as an add-on in the pledge manager.  Additionally, the team is testing a 5th Player Alien Faction Expansion that can be utilized in 2-5 player modes.  It is a bit early to release any more details, but it is shaping up well and we can't wait to provide more details in future updates! :)


Thanks to many of you who have reached out to offer translation services or critiques of translations prior to printing.  There are several parties in which we are in discussions, so we are excited to be offering accurate translations to native speakers of German, French, Spanish and Italian.


We already have competing quotes for tooling and manufacturing and have selected our supplier.  Since our game has molded parts, we will be starting the tooling in the next 3 weeks.  Due to coronavirus, there is some difficulty for workers to move within China, so we continue to monitor this with our factory and will keep our backers updated.

That is all for now, but expect more updates in the next 1-2 weeks.  Thanks again for all of your support, we are so excited to launch Migration Mars!

Kind regards,